Saturday, 17 September 2011

One on One by TFactor

I took my loss like a man in the Gauntlet match that I had with my lady friends Tamara, Christina and Kim. For months I had to do whatever they said whenever they said it and I also lived up to that agreement. You could only be a footstool and a seat for so long before you got tired of it, and even though it was the asses and feet of three gorgeous women it started to make me feel like a wimp and I couldn’t stand it. When my time was finally done being their slave I had planned on staying away from them for a little while and starting my life over. That turned out to be easier said than done.

I would hear constant bragging from Christina and Kim about their victory, about how comfortable my face was to sit on and how my tongue would tickle between their toes. Kim was the only one that really had the right to brag because she was the one that actually pinned me, but Christina didn’t care, she viewed it as a team effort and always chimed right in the teasing. Tamara on the other hand was a different case. She hated to lose at anything…period. She didn’t feel like she contributed in the effort and the only way for her to feel redemption was to beat me one on one.

“I want a rematch, now!” she would always tell me. It was nonstop, she was like a nagging wife with the constant talks of a rematch. If she wasn’t blowing up my cell she was stopping by my apartment, calling me at work and even sending me letters. I always managed to come up with an excuse or avoid her and it worked for a few weeks before I finally broke down. I didn’t feel as confident as I should of because she gave me a hell of a match when we wrestled the first time and I wasn’t so sure that if she got a lucky break that I could win this thing.

“This time we’re going to my place, just the two of us….where nobody can hear you scream.” She said to me. I laughed but something in her eyes told me that she wasn’t joking. Later that night I arrived at her house ready to go. She was wearing a tight pair of light blue jeans and had on a red lingerie top. I smiled at her. “You’re going to wrestle in that?” She shook her head and pulled down her jeans, revealing a sexy red bikini bottom that barely covered her wonderful ass. I was stunned at the beauty of this six foot tall goddess, I never seen her so look so sexy before. It wasn’t the time for that though, it was business.

I took off my shirt and shoes and kept on the sweat pants bottoms that I wore over there. I looked around her big living room just to get acquainted with my surroundings. “No pins, only submissions. We go until on of us can’t go anymore” she informed me. “That’s it?”
“That’s it, is there problem?”
Here rules kind of took me by surprise; it looks like this is going to be a long match.

“Is it still the winner gets to do anything they want to the loser?” Tamara smiled a beautiful smile. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, ready?”
“Alright, let’s see what you got”
We walk towards each other, trying to gain a position. I slap her hands away and she does the same to me. Thinking that her legs are easy pickings for a takedown, I lunge towards them but she raises her left leg up and snatches my neck and takes me down instead. Before I know I’m in a vice like front headscissors. I try to pry her legs loose but it’s no use, her feet are crossed and she has no intentions of releasing her grip. “Give up?” She yells at me.

I shake my head no. Like a cat she momentarily lets go, spins on her stomach and wraps my head in an even tighter reverse headscissors. While the view of her ass is great the pain that she has me in isn’t. She grabs my legs and now I’m completely trapped. It’s taking everything in me not to scream out my submission but my pride isn’t allowing me to give up, not yet at least. Using every ounce of strength that I have I force my legs from her arms and roll her off of me. I hook my arm underneath one of her legs and wrap her up on a tight cradle pin. She giggles. “Too bad there aren’t any pins” Damn it, I had forgotten that and instinctively went for a pin. She positioned her free leg underneath and tried to shove my face away but I moved it and now hooked her other leg. Now both of her legs were trapped in my cradle pin and I had my arms firmly locked. She kicked like a mule to escape and I thought I had her, but I underestimated the power of her legs and she bucked free, sending me slamming onto the floor. Tamara tried to pounce on me but I slipped out of the way and wrapped my arms tightly around her in a reverse bear hug. I placed her on the ground on her stomach and squeezed some more.

“You’re not getting out of this one Tam” I said to her. “Fuck you, I’m not giving up” She attempts to pry my arms loose but it’s not happening. All of a sudden…BAM! She places a firm elbow in my stomach, and another one and another one. She starts to kick my legs with her feet wildly and I have no choice but to let the hold go. She jumps on me and lays her breasts on my face and wraps me up in an airtight breast smother. I try to push her off but she wraps her hands around my head and forces it up. I grab her by the waist and try to roll her over and at the same time she attempts to trap my legs. I’m almost successful until she leaps up and sits on my neck and pins my arms down above my head in the same movement.

“It’s over, in a few minutes you’ll be mine.”
She pins my arms down with her feet and stands up.
“Are you ready? I don’t care if you are or not, here it comes”.
She comes down hard on my face with what I referred to in the previous story as the nicest ass on Earth. She just sits there and doesn’t move, enjoying my muffled sounds underneath her. Of course I can’t breathe, and she begins to laugh when she sees the look of worry in my eyes. I’ve never seen this cruel and sadistic side of her and I wasn’t prepared for it. I struggle for all I’m worth and she can tell when I’m weakening. “Give up?” she asks me.
I have no choice but to say “Yeah, I give” when she temporarily raises up to give me some air.

She happily sits back down again.

“You know how I am, I hate to lose, and anybody who’s ever beaten me I always paid back a hundred fold. You’re no exception. Hopefully we can still be cool afterwards, but tonight I have to get my payback and you have to learn a lesson.” I figured that she would keep letting me regain some air every once in awhile until she was done rubbing in her victory but that wasn’t the case. She just sat there with every intention on making me pass out. Once I realized this I tried to maneuver out of my predicament but was way too weak. I was completely at her mercy and was out for the count.

I woke up later on and was now on her bed with my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied together. A bare foot came from nowhere and stepped on my chest. I looked up and saw Tamara in all her glory. She had gotten rid of the lingerie and was now in her birthday suit, and a lovely suit it was. “What in the hell are you doing, let me go” I said to her.
She shook her head.
“Your lesson isn’t over with yet, just chill out.”
“What lesson are you talking about; it was just a damn wrestling match. I beat you, you beat me and we’re even.”
“No, we’re not even. Not by a long shot. I take my record seriously and you’re the only one…man or woman that’s put a loss on it.”
At this point I’m confused as hell. “What fuckin record are you talking about?” Tamara sighs. “I never told you guys but there’s this underground circuit that I’m in, we wrestle every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Women are in it, Men are in it and we draw straws to see who goes against who. I beat everyone who I ever went against and I’m the champion of the whole league. Then you come along and get lucky and pin me. I can’t let that get out man.”
“Oh, didn’t know that. The only people that know are Christina and Kim anyway and I haven’t told anybody.”
“I know that, and I trust you and them. But to be on the safe side, let me show you what would happen if you do decide to open your mouth.”

Tamara sits down on my chest and viciously rubs her feet in my face and mouth hard; she even kicks me very hard just to get her point across. Before I know it she plops down on my face hard and grinds away, controlling my head with her hands to make sure that I can’t get any air. I pass out again and wake up the next morning with my hands and ankles untied and still in her bed.

Tamara walks in wearing the same blue jeans from the night before and a tight fitting t-shirt. “Bought time you woke up, get yourself cleaned up and lets get some breakfast. My treat” I pinch myself to make sure that it’s real. This is the same sweet and kind Tamara that I knew before.

“Don’t worry, we’re back to how it was. I didn’t mean to be such a bitch last night but I wanted to let you know that I was for real. You’re not mad are you?” I shake my head no.

“Nah, we’re ok. You have to let me watch a match in this underground…” ”Maybe, just keep that and what we talked about to yourself. Hurry up and take a shower, I’m hungry.”

Tamara leaves the room. I didn’t believe that last night was just a one time occurrence and that the ugly side of Tamara would show itself once again. I would like to know what this underground circuit that she mentioned is all about and I was hell bent on finding out.